Do You take part in blog Awards?

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I have got a number of blog awards in the past, however I don’t always discover the time to blog about them. between composing about my family, sharing health and wellness tips, product reviews, interacting with the writers right here at healthy moms as well as dealing with my personal life I always seem to accidentally skipping the awards.

I understand that the primary function of these blog awards is to link as much as fantastic blogs as well as share them with your readers. There are so many wonderful blogs available so whenever I get an award it is difficult for me to select a few blogs to pass it along to. But, don’t get me wrong whenever somebody honors me with an award I am flattered as well as appreciate the gesture. I likewise understand that there are other methods to link as much as other blogs.

Here at healthy moms I try to link to as many blogs as I can. We have a free blog Directory, as well as I function blogs when a week in our spotlight blog column. These services are free as well as available to any type of mom blog writer or health and wellness blogger.

I do want to say thanks to these three women who have provided me awards during the past as well as I haven’t been able to link to them up until now. I am so sorry that I wasn’t able to let you understand exactly how much I appreciate the awards sooner.

A while back Tina from the Mummy Diaries did this column where she would ask her visitors to offer there tips as well as solution to other readers’ questions. I responded to one about kids as well as nutrition. The complying with week she selects the very best response as well as for that specific week my response was featured. say thanks to you Tina for featuring my response as well as providing me that award. Tina is from the UK as well as I always enjoy visiting her site. She composes about a range of topics from her family, to strange as well as unusual pictures as well as stories, as well as parenting as well as pregnancy tips. If you haven’t visited her yet you will like her site as well as it is one that you should add to your reader. say thanks to you once again for the award, Tina.

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Andrea from Memories as a mom likewise provided me an award a while back. I feel a special connection with Andrea. We are both from the Midwest, are about the exact same age, are passionate about composing as well as we married our hubbies on the exact same precise day. Strange. She is a extremely skilled writer, special person as well as a blog writer buddy that I would like to satisfy in person someday. She composes mainly about her household as well as her cutest bit boy, Logan. I like visiting her site as well as reading all her updates. I am sorry I didn’t acknowledge the award she provided me up until now. say thanks to you Andrea. Please go to her site, Memories as a mom as well as tell her hello from me.

Kimberly from quite Pink Momma provided me an award back in February. She as well is a extremely skilled blogger. Her site is full of info about her family, product reviews, coupons as well as discounts, as well as stylish finds. I always discover something new when I checked out her blog. Kimberly, I am so sorry that I didn’t get around to saying thanks to you for the award up until now. Please go to quite Pink Momma as well as add her site to your reader.

Even though I appreciate the awards I don’t like to take part in them for a number of reasons. The very first ones being what I discussed earlier. I just run out of time. one more reason is since I am trying so difficult to provide only the very best info for my readers. I want our visitors to find away with new information, motivation or just that “wow” feeling. That is why I function a number of skilled blog writers as writers right here at healthy moms as well as their sites in my spotlight blog column.

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My concern for all of you is this: do YOU take part in blog awards? When you get one exactly how long does it take for you to respond? Is it a concern for you? I look ahead to reading all of your responses.

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