HIT THE FOOD COURT — OR eat WITH YOUR young child THE simple method

Meg at backpack to Buggy truly nailed it with her recommendations for simple young child dining. I checked out it as well as smacked my head (in the “why didn’t I believe of it” fashion) as well as then wished to save all her suggested places for my future experience travels to Bali, Nova Scotia, as well as Hong Kong in addition to my (much more likely) forays into San Francisco.

Just last week I was driving the new York Turnpike cursing the option of poor pizza after poor pizza choices at the rest areas. So, when she mentioned Sbarro by name (and that was my great choice), I understood she was speaking directly to me.

And that, my friends, is why I must share it with you.

In addition to her preferred regional quick eateries, Meg offers important tips to discovering your own off-the-beaten-path the toddler-friendly food court:

newer as well as renovated us shopping centers (check out the hand washing station in the new SF shopping center — it’s a dream come true!)

pedestrian-friendly as well as sightseer friendly locations are frequently combined

She says, “This won’t solve exactly how to get a young child to sit down as well as eat, however at least parents can bring back much needed energy as well as sample some regional cuisine.” Amen to that.

Read Meg’s recommendations for exactly how to eat out with a toddler.
Here are my tips for taking your young child to an upscale location (way harder, I now realize!)

[photo credit: Meg at backpack to buggy]

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