A pleased Easter

You know those days which simply reaffirm what life is all about? Those days that as you live them in real time they form your ‘happy place’. So far, this Easter weekend has been filled with days I know we will reflect on in years to come as ‘those were the days’.

Days filled with playing catch with my toddler in the snow as sunshine streamed through winding trees and snowdrops went as far as the eye could see. Days where baby Alexander laughed his toothless giggle to his brother’s quacks and barks and jokes he did not understand.

Then on Easter Sunday, an egg hunt at the most peaceful of parks: The Yorkshire Sculpture Park where I, as thrilled as my child, ran ahead, hiding tiny Lindt eggs in rugged paths, on top of small mountainous sculptures and within the curves of trees. The golden egg was hidden by the young boy himself and cracked open by a stream, gloves off, shards of crimson foil dancing in the light. Feeding geese and being chased by ducks, we breathed in the cold air and huddled close then when tiny hands found mine, we ran together towards the car, our wellies muddied, our hearts content. these days to me, affirm what life is all about.

Happy Easter!

Photographs ©Peter Broadbent.

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