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Shoes are an entire new world of responsibility for parents. From deciding when kids start wearing them, to how many pairs of shoes a growing body needs at a time, to managing where they are, and if they are allowed to be worn in the house. I spend way more time thinking about shoes than I could have ever thought of in my pre-mom days.

When friendly Rooster invited us to browse their online shoe store, I was familiar with most of the brands they carry, but had not heard of  Tip Toey Joey, and I quickly learned that they are both adorable and manufactured responsibly. Yay!

I think both boys and girls should wear shoes they can run and climb in, as those are the main jobs of little kids during the day.

So I was super-digging these vintage-style sneaks. Right?

They sent Scarlett a pair of tip Toey Joeys (below), but note that the store specializes in baby and toddler shoes– all designed with a growing child’s development in mind. They top out at size 11 or 12. She happens to have small feet for an 8-year old.

I love the outfit she put together yesterday, all inspired by her new leather high-tops. Her shirt says “If you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you haven’t learned anything at all.” and she has fuschia hair, of course, because third GRADE.

Today, she went in another direction. Knee-highs over leggings and under a dress, all different prints.

She likes the shoes, but wants me to tell you that they are more comfortable with thicker socks.

Through friendly Rooster’s Share Your love of Shoesâ„¢ program, they donate brand new tip Toey Joey shoes to us charities that benefit infants. So, yes to that.

Guys, we have a discount code for you: save 15% at with promo code ROOKIE15.

And”¦ a giveaway!

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And I leave you with this inspirational quote: 90 percent of parenting is saying “Put your shoes on!”

Thanks for sponsoring this post today, friendly Rooster, and for providing this prize!

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