gift guides take way too long to put together, so if I’ve done a poor job, you can click over to Amazon’s Father’s Day page which is more comprehensive and more maybe convenient than mine.

I’ll just share a few things I like for dads. but first, another disclaimer. I’m anticipating that some readers are from this school of thought: “Father’s Day is not about stuff to buy.” Or maybe “I cannot possibly make room in my house for another chrome digital widgety-bobbit”. Is this you? then have a look at our Clutter-Free gift guide for Dads.

The first items I love are practically in the digital widgety-bobbit family, but ones that help you make pancakes, which is what I like to do every Saturday morning. If your baby daddy is the pancake maker, consider this. If not, then it’s clearly a gift for yourself.

Gourmet Pancake Batter Dispenser

2-Burner Griddle for maximum Simultaneous Pancaking

Now for fashion. I don’t know if your partner is 21 years old or 62 years old, so forgive me if my ideas are way off base. My spouse is 36 and wears hoodies and Vans on the weekends. Therefore, I recommend:

A neutral hoodie for a grown man

Converse With a twist – The Subtlest of fashion Statements

And finally, this book from Chronicle books, looks adorable and fun. If you are still waiting for your baby to roll over or DO anything, this might give your man some ideas of things to look forward to. See, it really will be fun. just as soon as she starts holding her head up!

Handy Dad: 25 amazing projects for Dads & Kids

Two items were pitched to me by publicists but were so out there, they merit a mention, if only to make you laugh. First, a personal slipcover for airplane seats. For the man who is living the Up In The Air lifestyle and is a germaphobe. and second, a fake tanning kit. happy Father’s Day! now let me darken your skin. now neither of these products is so terrible on its own, I think it was just the explanation of how this would be perfect for the dad in your life that made me snicker.

Excuse me, ma’am. Can you exit your seat while I put into place my own seat cover? thank you.

Please note that if you buy something through an Amazon link on this site, we may pocket a dollar or two. If you are amazing with that, press on. Some legal person said we have to tell you that.

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