Must have Sling Bags for every Woman’s closet

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Sling bags have long replaced those heavy handbags and totes. When going for brunch with your gal buddies or catching a film or dinner with friends, save your shoulders from the concern of heavy bags and choose a elegant sling bag instead. Such sling or cross-body bags not only look elegant but are also the most comfortable choice for carrying your daily essentials, like credit report cards, money, makeup, etc.

With the rising popularity of this design, even designers like Louis Vuitton have created amazing sling bags. With not every woman being able to afford this high end designer, site review handbags says that affordable handbags similar in style to LV handbags are now available online, and that they are typically outstanding replicas of the original.

Before you go shopping, consider these Louis Vuitton-inspired bags for your collection:

Favorite PM

This conventional monogram canvas bag has the optimal shape and size for all occasions. In addition to its appealing look, its magnetic closure makes it a highly functional bag by allowing easy access to the contents inside, making it a must-have for your collection.

Caissa Clutch

The Caissa grasp is made for the modern woman. It has become popular for its refined details and smooth curves, coupled with appealing contrasting colors. The large capacity of the bag, marked by two compartments in the interior, daily essentials organized and easily accessible. This bag is thus a ideal companion for short travels or a check out to the mall.


The twice by LV is a compact and lightweight sling bag, known for its versatility. As the name suggests, it can either be worn as a cross-body bag for casual outings or can be suspended from one take on on the side by its long leather strap. You can mix and match this one with various outfits to mix up your style.

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The Croisette is elegantly developed with a tinge of playfulness provided by its removable tassel. You can either carry this elegant bag over the take on as a sling, in the hand as a clutch, or across the body.


This petite version can also be donned in various ways. An optimal bag for evenings, you can carry this cute sling as a grasp or on the shoulder, or you can even give it a casual look by wearing it as a cross-body bag.


If you wish to add these bags to your collection, the easiest way to do so is to look for LV replica bags online. There are some terrific options for Louis Vuitton purses & men’s wallets that are inspired by the original to look and feel practically exactly the same.

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