DIY MARIO costume – 3 easy steps TO MAKE YOUR own MARIO OR LUIGI

This post is from our Rookie mothers Squad Jessica Watson whose child Parker has been making costumes including this diy Mario costume for years. You can follow his fantastic diy costumes on his facebook page Parker Pretends. check out how he does these amazing costumes as well as our favorite diy costumes for babies.

DIY Mario costume – easy suggestions to Make your own Mario or Luigi

Parker has been making costumes because he could walk. Or maybe even before that if you count the fact that we used to have to duct tape his diaper closed to keep him from swinging it through the air and launching it out of his crib each time we laid him down. Sorry, Parker.

Since he loves making costumes so much we thought it only fitting that he start helping everyone out with their Halloween choices. Parker will be guiding you through making your own costumes with materials you can find at home.

If you don’t have them at home I guarantee you can get them at a local craft store for a low cost. Parker makes so numerous costumes that we never spend much on materials. He’ll need to land a job at Disney to support the amount of money he would really like to spend on this stuff!

The first costumes he’ll be walking you through are Mario and Luigi. Parker’s not much of a video game man but his little brother is so he added him in on this one”¦ mostly because he wanted to borrow a few of his baseball hats.

Step 1 – diy Mario Costume

Gather your materials.

What you will need:

red and/or green shirt
red and/or green felt
one or two baseball hats
white felt
black permanent marker
safety pins or hot glue gun

Step 2 – creating the Hat

Cover your baseball hat with felt. To cover a small hat we used a piece that’s about 15 inches x 15 inches. If you’d like to reuse the hat you can use safety pins to gather the felt under and inside the hat. Smooth the felt over the brim but keep it loose and fluffy around the head. If you have a hat that you don’t mind gluing you can hot glue the felt best to the hat. another option would be to purchase a red or green hat.

Step 3 – Making the Logo

Cut out a circular piece of white felt. We used a cup to trace the circle. draw an “M” or “L” on the circle with black permanent marker depending on if you are being Mario or Luigi.

The rest is simple! just put on your red or green t-shirt and your overalls. add your hat and some tennis shoes and you’re all set!

Of Course, You could always add a fake moustache to the mix to make it fun. 

Need much more Help: Parker created a diy Mario costume video to help guide you!

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