HOW TO clean baby EARS easily & safely

This is one of those things that you might not think about as a new parent; how to clean your baby’s ears. we all clean our own ears (hopefully), so what is the difference when it comes to our baby’s ears? just like everything else on a baby, their ears are extra-sensitive and tiny which makes them a little more difficult to clean.

How to clean Your Baby’s Ears

The Do’s and Don’ts of cleaning your baby’s ears.

There are a few things you should do when cleaning your baby’s ears, and there are a few things that you shouldn’t do.


DO NOT use A COTTON SWAB. According to It’s a Noisy Planet, cotton swabs should never be used to clean ears. That goes for everyone! Cotton swabs may push the earwax further into ears or even puncture the eardrum. If you shouldn’t use them in your own ears, you most certainly should not use them to clean your baby’s ears.

Don’t use your finger to scrape earwax out either. Your finger could do the same damage as a cotton swab.


Let your baby’s body do the dirty work. Our bodies are designed to know when and how to push ear wax out of our ears. Your baby’s ears will push the old earwax out when it is ready.

Clean them with warm water when necessary. If you feel that your baby’s ears are dirty, clean them with a damp, warm washcloth.

Talk to your baby’s pediatrician if you feel that your baby has too much earwax.

How to clean Your Baby’s Ears

Earwax is normal and actually good for our ears. Earwax helps protect things from getting into our ear canals and it traps dirt and debris and naturally expels it from our bodies. While it may seem a little gross, most earwax is good and helps keep our ears safe.

You can clean your baby’s ears every time you give them a bath. just be careful! You never want bath water to get stuck into your baby’s ears. It’s uncomfortable and could lead to other problems. When you are ready to clean your baby’s ears, use a clean, damp washcloth and wipe the outsides of the ear. using gentle wiping motions, gently wipe away any dirt or excess earwax that may be noticeable all without actually putting the washcloth in your baby’s ear. The idea is to clean the surface of the ear, not the ear canal. Don’t forget to clean behind your baby’s ears too. dirt and dried milk like to hide there.

What To Do if There’s too Much

If you feel like your baby has too much earwax, take them to their pediatrician. If your pediatrician feels that there is too much earwax, they may use an over the counter or prescription solution to soften the earwax. Whether it is an over the counter solution or a prescription, you or the pediatrician will drop the solution into the baby’s ear and give it a few days to soften the earwax buildup. Then, the earwax will either come out on its own, or the doctor will use a tool called a curette to gently scrape the wax out of your baby’s ears.

Earwax isn’t a bad thing, so don’t be afraid of it or grossed out by it. most of the time, your baby’s earwax is a good thing and doing good things for your baby’s ears and hearing. If you notice earwax “pieces” coming out of your baby’s ears, it is a good sign that your baby’s ears are doing exactly what they are meant to do.

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Overall, clean your baby’s ears just like you clean everything else on your baby: gently. Their little bodies are so sensitive and tiny, so take time and care in cleaning them. If you ever have any questions about what to do, ask the pediatrician. Pediatricians hear all sorts of questions and concerns; your questions and concerns will not be the first time they’ve heard them or the last. Parenting is hard, but you’ve got this!

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