Mike published an remarkable listing of indie stores to search online. I am returning the favor with a tip targeted at his demo: crafty dads of preschool-aged kids. (As a marketer, I will state this demographic is most likely the least important to any type of company, however it is one that I personally adore.)

It is simple to produce a geoboard for your preschooler | picture by megret7

Take a square of wood, pencil in a determined grid as well as location nails at the corners of your grid. Hand your preschooler a fistful of rubberbands as well as you’ve got yourself 20 minutes of quiet.

I am not as difficult on myself as to take the handcrafted pledge, however I extremely much applaud on those who do. Heather as well as her other half have taken their own holiday buying pledge as well as are trying to purchase only regional gifts. possibly she’ll do us the favor of blogging about what that implies sometime soon.

The geoboard is a job as well as a gift that will most likely satisfy everyone’s goals of being frugal, green, as well as creative.

My child can be kept hectic for some peaceful time with this, as well as he has effectively utilized it with friends, taking turns to location rubber bands. My parents purchased him one as well as because we in some cases requirement to keep him hectic at the dinner table while we eat as well as he’s done, we hand this to him then.

Gift Advice
DIY’ers: You can most likely make it yourself for a couple of dollars.
I’d rather purchase It’ers: Find a geoboard on amazon.

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