7 Of My fave Vegan treats

There are SO lots of mouthwatering vegan/ plant-based treats available folks, some naturally/accidentally vegan as well that even my mum gasped about, when I told her.

Now, while I advocate healthy eating (pulses as well as veggie all the time long please), it’s all about moderation (and that includes moderation itself) so I’ve compiled my fave vegan treats listing below since chocolate is life. as well as wonderful as well as salty mixed popcorn…and fig rolls!!!

This is not a sponsored publish btw.

Now, go drool!


Kallo Belgian Dark chocolate organic Rice Cake Thins

Warning: these are like catnip for vegans as well as ‘addictive’ doesn’t even come close. I’m single-handedly keeping Kallo in business. One rice cake can swiftly escalate to one packet. It’s not just me, my other vegan friends state the same. It’s down to that crunch of the organic brown rice cake with the wonderful dark chocolate topping, that tastes similarly wonderful dipped into a cup of Rooibos as well as a bit ‘melty’, or as they come. My only (greedy) criticism is that I desire the chocolate was a bit bit thicker. let me understand what you can do Kallo? ;)!

Both the tiny rice cakes as well as big thins are vegan.


Lindt excellence Dark chocolate (75% +)

I utilize this to make healthy rice crispy cakes (not exactly how your mom utilized to make them) as well as discover Lindt one of finest when it pertains to cocoa creaminess as well as that smooth melt-in-the-mouth structure you normally discover in dairy-based chocs. In situation you missed the evident link decrease to my recipe, go make them now: rice crispy cakes. often when I’m lazy I just chuck the crispies into microwave melted chocolate as well as eat them warm.


Marks as well as Spencer Veggie Percy in a twist as well as Colin the Caterpillar Sour sweets

With one kid who is egg intolerant, as well as one more who can’t eat dairy, vegan sweets work for all the household (I’m the only vegan member) as well as M&S veggie Percy as well as Colins go down a treat (literally). best for celebrations too.


Bourbons, Ginger Nuts, Oreos, celebration Rings, Fig Rolls as well as chocolate Chip Hobnobs

I understand right, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found that quite much all of my most-loved biscuits were naturally vegan when I turned plant-based. YAASSS! other vegan-friendly choices together with my baes Bourbons, the kids’ faves Oreos, celebration Rings, Fig Rolls as well as Choc Chip Hobnobs are Fruit Shortcakes, Pink Wafers, Lotus Biscuits, rich Tea as well as common Hobnobs. I don’t eat biscuits everyday ( I wish) however every so commonly I dunk one into a glass of Oat Milk as well as get a nostalgic hit from the great old days! Bliss.


Elizabeth Shaw Dark chocolate Mint Crisp

Chocolate as well as mint is the best marriage in my opinion, as well as this is yet one more inadvertently vegan brand you didn’t realise was plant-based. Elizabeth Shaw Dark chocolate Mint Crisps merge honeycomb, dark chocolate as well as mint oil for a (refreshing) celebration in your mouth. Drool.


Kettle Chips-Lightly Salted, Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar, Sea Salt & Crushed Black Peppercorns

These take me ideal back to when Peter as well as I very first started dating in our early twenties a ga-billion years ago, as well as we commonly scoffed Kettle Chips on motion picture nights in feeling all grown up as well as shizz! Ha! full of flavour keeping that best crunch, Kettle Chips are my fave swank crisps.


Popcorn Kernels

I like to purchase Waitrose’s popcorn kernels by the bag, as well as pop them myself by adding them into a big pan of hot olive oil. when a few pop, I lower the warm a little, shake as well as before I understand it, there’s a pan-load of light popcorn. My go-to variations are: salt as well as pepper, brown sugar, or salt with sugar. low-cost as well as the healthiest treat on the list, I’m guessing, we def get with a great deal of popcorn in this place!

Which are your faves? What have I missed?

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